Paper cones at home

Don’t eat your home cooked fresh French fries from a plate. Eat them out of a typical Belgium paper cone and use your fingers!

Use our elegant cone holder together with our nicely printed paper cone bags. They are used in trendy restaurants where extra attention is paid to keeping the home made chips warm and crispy!

  “trendy paper cone holder”

Fish and chips paper cone bag

How about using a French-fries-paper-cone as a table dustbin on your breakfast or dinner table? Great when peeling your egg, peeling fruits, get rid of chicken bones, fish bones, orange peels, etc. It is about time to get rid of all that waste on your plate.

Suggestion   Dishwasher too small? Use paper cones and cone holders!

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* excluding shipping costs

Going Dutch?

We are the biggest producer of French-fries-paper-cones in Holland. So if you need large quantities, special prints, etc. do not hasitate to contact us for a good offer.

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